Women's Day 2015

As we celebrate this woman's day and talk about all the powerful things associated with the feminine character let us not forget that iota of libidinous nature hidden deep inside every(OK, i am not actually generalizing) male soul.

Every girl either virtually or physically becomes the subject of sexual viewing.

A first grade girl is in the same level as a teen in this perspective. Except that the prior does not understand why her parents are really worried and keep asking her how her day was in the school or how her journey back home was in that school bus or school auto.

Until an average woman is respected and not looked down as a subject of sex, she cannot be happy in all her experience with the society and surely, there is no place for happy woman's day as she keeps thinking of all that she has faced and most other young girls will be facing at some point of their interaction with male gender of society.

Amidst all this, please do not forget that you have a voice and you can raise that. Let there be no action taken against the culprit (which is what is happening right from the auto driver who molested a school girl to the bank employee who eyed a teen having all the drooling in his mind to the gang rape accused in nirbhaya case), but dear woman, please do not stay calm. Yell, shout, talk, write, type, post, do whatever, please don't stay calm. Staying calm and not reacting out of fear is doing injustice not only to the culprit and the situation but also to your own self which becomes a source of mental weakness. Have the courage to react and walk out of the situation not caring about the outcome and carry that confidence in all other areas of your life. You are sure to succeed.