Overcoming or Living in Fear?

What is the purpose of educating a child?

Does education mean imparting fear of consequences in a child so that the child will excel in studies only to gain rank whose performance is solely based on 'fear' and not 'love'.

Is participating in all the extra curricular activities solely based on the 'Fear of Missing out' effect that mainly arises from the parents. Oh, my friend's daughter is going for skating class, you should also go from tomorrow. Oh! he is writing even P, Q and R apart from A, B, C, tomorrow you should write all the alphabets A- Z in front of our guests.

What is all the peer-pressure about? The true meaning of achievement is lost all the chaos that surrounds a child's life.

Children, from very young age are being threatened. Threatened for not eating right, for not walking right, for jumping around the house, for using loud voice, for playing actively, for not doing what was told, for not listening to the class teacher, for not getting good grades, for not participating in the dance competition, for using green colour for the sky and the list goes on. Are we not burdening a child with umpteen number of fears? Is this the true purpose of education?

In my view, education is about gaining the knowledge to learn the self, the truth and finally getting liberated of all the inner fears and turmoil and not succumb to the fears created by society

Are today's parents imposing fear or leading the child to let go off the fears within?

Are today's school imposing fear of timelines or encouraging the child to unfold on his own?