Interacting with a Child

Dealing with kids requires lot of patience. Never lose your control. Do not yell or shout at your child. Do not show violence.

Because whatever emotion you carry is immediately transmitted to your child. If it is a happy emotion, you would love it when your child smiles, laughs and cuddles you back. And, if it is violent emotion, you obviously hate it when your child reacts with the same violence by tantrums, yell and shouts. Because you hate it and you were already upset with your child's behaviour, your ego is hurt that your child is yelling at you and you lose your cool and you yell more and your child yells back and this is a viscous circle that ends with your child crying and you losing your mental balance with heavy head and heavy heart.

Do you think the child feels good about this?

No, in fact, even you do not feel good emotionally. You could have avoided if you had taken a step back and not shouted at your child in the first place.

Find creative ways to calm a fussy child, not just yelling and shouting.