Hook It Up

This activity is simply created out of items like a wall hook, cloth hanger or any spoon or other item that can be hung over the wall hook.

Materials needed: wall hook, spoon or wall hanger or anything that can be hooked into.

I showed my child a wall hook and initially gave her a spoon that could be hung on the hook.

She liked doing it, and, repeated the same for quite some time.

Hook it in, finally!!

And then, clap your hands!! (That is what my child does)

Later, one day, she noticed a cloth hanger, hung it too onto the wall hook and clapped her hands. And, this, surprised me!


I have two hooks stuck on the wall little distance apart. She does the same activity on both the hooks one after another and smil


Even now, after many days, she keeps coming back to this activity, tries to find something that could be hooked on, puts it on the wall hook and laughs.