God, Space & Energy

We often hear phrases like 'God is everywhere', 'All your actions are watched by God', 'God is one', etc. So, if there are billions of living beings, are there billions of God overlooking each of the living being on a one-on-one basis?

Is god a human or animal or half human - half animal? Does God have brain? How fast does it process? If there is only one God and one brain with the God, how can it process its neurons over billions of living beings ar the same time? One says 'give me bread', another says 'give me money' at the same moment, which plea does God's brain focus on?

Well, in this perspective, the word God seems very complex.

Let's start our discussion with 'space'. Space is something very common. You see it here, there, everywhere. When say, the elevator is full, you say there is no space for an extra person or luggage in elevator. You occupy certain space in a room. Or in fact, every object, living and non living, occupies certain space. Space is a very well known word.

Now, let's consider energy. Energy is something that we have heard of in school as being present in a rock placed on an altitude or any level in the form of potential energy, in a moving ball in the form of mechanical energy, in a wire connected to electrical appliance in the form of electrical energy, in a magnet as magnetic energy, in a rotating fan or windmill as rotational energy.

Simply put, every object - living and non living constitutes of certain energy. No matter if it is moving, idle, revolving, rotating, anything, It has some energy associated with it.

The bigger picture is to realise that there is energy over the entire space - be it within you, on your right side, on your left side, in the planet, outside the planet, anywhere. There is energy all around. Every object is simply a form of this energy. Every object is made of that energy and has a certain form to be called as that object - living and non living.

Let's focus on humans who are proven to have advanced brain structures among all living creatures and are said to have the ability to think well beyond the observable limits.

The only limitation of human is that he is limited to just five senses - feel, sight, audio, speech and taste. He believes something exists only if he can experience it by one of his five senses i.e. either touch, see, hear, talk or taste it.

Universal energy is one thing that can only be experienced by focusing on one's self, the soul within and is not something that can merely be proven by any of the five senses. While running behind temporary joy, laughing for joy and crying for sorrow, not knowing why he is doing what he is doing, man has long forgotten to focus within his soul, know the self and unleash the universal energy.

To help mankind realise and merge with its inherent energy, universal energy has taken a form and spoken to mankind so that man could hear and believe there is something beyond observable life. This form, called as God or Guru by few. And people start believing that he is a miraculous person that the gurus have some miracle powers and that they can just wipe off all their worries in a jiffy.

People tend to forget the fact that it is the same universal energy that is present in their self and the so called God or Guru. It only needs to be realised.

When we say God is everywhere, what we actually mean is that energy is everywhere and this energy is being called as God.

You are power. You are energy. You are God.

Aham Brahmasmi