Let Me Explore

Dear mom/dad,

Let me explore.

Do not always yell a No to all that I try my hand on. Explain to me the way I've to handle it.

Do not simply say 'chi' while pulling off the stone from my fingers. Explain to me what it is and give me ideas to play with it.

I pick sand and feel the texture with my fingers. You threaten me that we would have to leave the park if I do that. Why do you try to scare me mom? What are you afraid of? Is it that I'm going to put my dirty hands in mouth? Show me ways of playing with sand. Ask me to put lumps of sand in row. I would love to do that. Ask me to find for a huge/tiny stone. I would love to play with you. Ask me to hide my fingers inside the sand so that you could look for them. Don't you wanna join my play? I love to feel new things and new textures. I will not get this time back. Let me learn, ma.

I climb up the stairs of the slide. I see another rod connected to the stairs that can be played with as a climbing frame. As I try to reach towards it, you pull my hand off it saying 'no'. Why don't you explain to me that's a different play from the slide and show me how we can play at the climbing frame?

Do not yell at me for jumping around the house. My legs, at this age, are in constant look out for all the capabilities. I cannot stand still for long. I want to move about. I am learning distances. I am learning to walk straight. Instead of asking me not to jump, give me play ideas that has jumping in it.

Why do you want to tie my up, mamma.

Do not yell at me for playing in water for long. Give me play ideas with water and I would love to do them. Remember, as a child, even you liked playing with water. Water is not a regular thing. Teach me why it is not regular and how it is different from other things, like, say, my toys. Explain to me why it is colourless and why it is shapeless. There is a lot to learn about water. Give me opportunities that get my hands on water for me to know what it is and how it is different from my other usual things.

I see an entire world of opportunities to explore upon. But, all I hear from you is 'no, don't do that', 'no, don't touch that', 'you've again made a mess' or 'why do you irritate me'.

Teach me ways to explore ma, do not brush away my inquisitiveness.

Let me explore.