Having Faith in Yourself

Faith - the word which keeps us going. It is that gut feeling which you have in spite of all odds, that which assures you there is much beyond what is visible to the eye.

Faith plays a major role in our living. Faith reassures you that the ‘real you’ is not the one who is affected, that the ‘real you’ is not the body, nor the mind, the ‘real you’ is the unique soul which can never be affected by anything.

And all this can be realized by having faith in your own self.

Faith unleashes your true identity. Faith helps you realize that the pain or any ill-feeling you get occur only on the physical level. Anxiety is felt only because the heart pumps more blood than required. You feel pain when your leg is hurt, only because the skin has torn apart and there is a need for the existing cells to divide and make a new portion. So the pain/stress is only because there is a mechanism to safe guard the physical case which holds the soul (the ‘real you’) in it. Irrespective of what or how the physical case is, the soul, well aware of all the lives which it has taken, the great storage reservoir, which has in it all the memories of all the life times, is in bliss always. Once this is realized, your mental thoughts take a diversion, your stress tends to nullify because you are controlling your mind with your realization instead of it controlling you. A man under mind's control goes wayward in any random direction wherever his mind takes him to. The mind is just another organ installed in our body which helps in sending and receiving nerve signals and guides other parts of the body in their duty. One who realizes this can never fall in its trap. Instead he will carve a path for himself and tune the mind to take it.

Once such level of control is established, there is no way one can feel stress. It is all happy living ever after because he knows the level at which things happen around him. He knows when to cry and when not to. He knows the essential art of living - being happy. All this can be developed by trusting one’s own self.

Published in November 2013 edition of Heartlight magazine. Link: