Kids' Reactions

I was walking fast, carrying my one month old, towards the other room to get her play gym, when A quickly followed me saying she wants to get it, just when she also said she would get her toy and then get the play, instead of waiting for her like I every time do meticulously, didn't pay attention (in a hurry to do something) and went ahead to get the play gym. A walking back with her toy, not finding me where I was asked to wait by her, became furious and broke out in loud voice, throwing away her toy and hitting down the play gym from my hand.

I understood the reason for her reaction. She expected I would wait for her until she got her toy while I could not pay heed to her in my hurry. I got her close to me, patted her and said, she could tell me if she wants something and I'm always there to listen to her. In total clarity, I could observe that she actually forgot why she was upset for and she was feeling bad for how she reacted by throwing down the play gym. She could not reason her action. Upon my repetitive asking, she said she didn't want her toy hence threw it. I asked if she wants the swing for her sister and she agreed.

The whole point is, Kids just react. They do not know what actually happened and why they reacted that way. They do not have sensory control. They learn the art of controlling one's senses from their parents. If we, instead of teaching them, yell at them without realising the reason for their outburst, who else can they reach out to, for love and affection. Where else can they learn to stay calm amidst all the chaos. As parents, it is our responsibility to practice what is right and set an example for our children.