Self-Empowerment & Spirituality

Self empowerment - empowering one’s self - who doesn’t want to? Everyone would love to move to a higher level in their lifestyle, find a better relationship, get a better job, start a business, lead a healthier life, earn more, save more etc. All these can be categorized as physical empowerment, emotional empowerment, mental empowerment and the most important of all spiritual empowerment.

Any change in one’s self for the betterment of their lifestyle always starts with getting to know one’s true self and that is what spirituality is all about.

The word spirituality may seem complex, the concept being simple; it is about probing into one’s inner self. And what do you benefit out of it? You learn your strengths, weaknesses and the actual purpose of your life. Spirituality makes us realize the infinite energy that lies within us. This energy is the same as that which is spread across entire universe termed as universal power. Realizing the fact that our true self is neither the body nor the mind helps in discovering who we really are and what our purpose of living is, thus directing our thoughts in the right manner so as to aid in the betterment of our lifestyle.

Many factors in our daily life play a role in shaping our lifestyle. For example, usually, we are immediately hurt when someone does not respond to us in the way we expect them to do that eventually causes grief within us and affects our mental state due to which we fail to carry out our physical duties with heartfelt gratitude. And, where there is lack of love, there is lack of positivity and hence lack of fruitful result.

This is just one of many instances where the result of our actions is not as desired, the reason being our mind focusing on others’ behavior towards us.

Once the fact that our true self is not merely the materialistic body but the inner soul which is to be nurtured and understood that it cannot be affected by another person’s behavior or comments is realized, our level of thinking will be elevated by which our self is empowered and our lifestyle will be changed for good.

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