Family- The Way You See It

Relations are an integral part of life. Such relation to be everlasting, blissful and be a mutual source of happiness is very important. The first set of relations for any individual is the family – the place where one is born, or spiritually speaking, the place where one chooses to be born. Most of an adult’s behavior is based on health of the relations in his early childhood. Though a person cannot exactly remember how he/she had been treated in the first 5-6 years of his life, subconsciously, it is that crucial 5-6 years that play an important role in shaping the social personality of a man.

So, the big question parents have is – how can we be sure that our kids are being brought up in a positive manner. The immediate thing that is to be pondered over is – how is your relation with your spouse? How is your relation with your parents? How is your relation with your immediate family members? This actually means that, for any person to grow with good sense of maturity, not just his but every other relation within a family must be healthy.

What does a healthy relation really look like? Are there no misunderstandings? Are there no differences in opinion? No! There are, definitely, unique personalities in a family which lead to them having different opinions that in turn, may cause misunderstanding. But, people should have the open heart and patience to hear out others’ view, have discussions, and come to a conclusion in a positive manner. That being mentioned, it is clear that such healthy relation should first be implemented among the elders as kids spend most of the time with their parents/elders and it is them who they consider as role model. World’s most powerful recording system is a child’s brain. Everything that parents do, the way they act with others is being recorded only to be played back when they grow old.

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