Wall Painting

Kids just love playing with water, So try offering an organised play with a couple of things to take away here and there.

Materials needed:

Paint Brush (The one used to paint walls)

Wall on the backyard


Ask the child to dip paint brush in a mug of water smear on the wall. The kid will actually be amazed at how things happen.

Points observed while my toddler was doing this one are:

  1. She tried holding the paint brush in various angles as she was checking her comfort level - exploring various ways to hold things to do a specific thing and deciding upon which one is the best.

  2. She dipped the brush in water and pressed its bristles and laughed - noticed that the bristles hold some amount of water and that it flows down when she presses.

  3. Tried smearing over the wall using various pressure points. She held the brush at a pointed angle for a while, in an inclined angle for a while and observed how the lines are coming up on the wall.

  4. Immense happiness.