Toddler's Tasks

There's no task which is unimportant to a toddler. An adult can never underestimate the power of a toddler's brain and try to overpower his thinking by physical strength.

The child's actions may be perceived as messy by an adult. An adult who notices a toddler playing with heap of clothes, segregating wet-to-be-dried clothes may get irritated. But, if you look at the intention behind child's actions, it is all good.

There was a pile of clothes spread all over the mat waiting to be folded. Yes, they lie there for some time since there are many other things(kids) that take priority over keeping my house clean ☺

DD1 was meddling with the clothes which I did not notice much and casually, pulled out a pant from the pile for her to wear it.

DD1: Phew! Why did you pull out the pant? I made such a nice mountain and I worked very hard to make it. (I explain to her that we need to respect what someone does because they do it with great effort and now, she tells me back the same.)

Me: Oops, Sorry! But, I needed your pant. Shall we take one out?

DD1: Oh! Pant? OK. I can remove it. The mountain can still stay so.

And, she hands me the pant.

There is no task that is unimportant or redundant for a toddler.

An adult may not know the 'whys' behind every action, but, just being with the child during all her actions gives her a sense of trust.

Next time when you notice your child playing with things around the house. Just let them be. (Of course, make sure that the items are safe to be handled).

Let them play around.

Let them make a mess.

Let them learn in their own style.