No matter what thought the mind is busy with or what action one does, the soul craves for something- something that may be exactly what one is doing, or may partially belong to it or completely different from that one is doing at the moment. But, for sure, something real exists that the soul aims to do. This is ‘Passion’. It may not bring you good amount of money at the moment, or may not make you an expert right away but that serene feeling you experience within yourself, within your soul is all that is needed to stay in peace.

Once the soul is set calm, one can never experience any ill feelings like frustration, anger, stagnation etc. One who realizes his soul’s true passion would always try to keep away from any ill feeling by taking the direction of his soul’s interest. When the mind is filled with thoughts about something you love, you do not give place to think about something you don’t like about and those are all the ill feelings that everyone wants to drive away.

This passion that one realizes and grows gives him both physical and spiritual satisfaction as that is the ultimate source of happiness for one’s soul.

Sometimes, one feels incomplete even with all his relations well placed around him - a loving partner, affectionate friends and all other relatives. All the relations could give physical satisfaction of love, consolation etc., yet, one seems like he is missing something inherent in life. That is the best moment to listen to your soul. Meditate, talk within, know about yourself, know about what you want to achieve in this life, how you want to spend your time, who you want to be around etc. Once you start probing within yourself, you stop only when you realize your passion. This may take multiple attempts. You may take up an activity; feel contended for the moment and then move away from it as time progresses. There is nothing to feel bad about. After all, you are looking for the ‘ONE’ passion that your soul is craving for. You will be immensely happy and satisfied when you catch hold of that interest.

Keep in mind the following points when you feel low in life:

  • That moment when you feel low is not what life is all about

  • There is something great you can achieve and you need to listen to your heart first

  • Probe yourself – bring out all the ill feelings that seem to reside in your heart, find ways to drive them away.

  • Direct your thoughts within you, imagine you doing something, imagine what your reaction would be at the result, assess yourself and see if that is what you want

  • Attempt, attempt and attempt – that said, take up some activity and keep taking up some activity at every point of time. You never know which one you would fall in love with.

  • And the most important of all - never stay idle. Remember the saying ‘an idle mind is a devil’s workshop’? This is very true. Attempting to do something is the least that we can try to realize the ultimate passion of our soul.

(This article was written for an order)