Love The Moment. Live The Moment

Are you living your life? Or do you feel, life just goes by?

Are you loving your life? Or do you constantly feel about changing things/people around you so that you can start loving them?

Do you have thoughts like - If it would have been that way, it would be better. If it didn't rain today, I would have done better. If my parents weren't so, I would have been better. And this list can go on.

For once, stop all those thoughts running in your mind and just start loving the moment. Realise every moment in your life. Be conscious of what you are doing and how you are feeling. Love every moment in your life and it is when you start living your life.

Sure, most of us have goals in mind, are constantly striving to earn more, save more, do more, but, are you living enough? Remember, life is more about the journey than the destination. It is the journey that shapes us, it is the journey that has to be lived, not destination. Whatever be the material goals in life, late or early, everyone dies and life in this particular physical body comes to a stall. What has grown, what stays here, and what inspires others is your personality that has taken shape until then. Focus on loving life, loving what comes by, loving the moment, do whatever you love to do, consciously, and you will realise you are being driven to your goal. When there is love in you, love comes back to you. Circumstances fall in the right place, everything comes right in front of you. You can see your goal taking shape.

Whether you know it or not, life is never random. There is a reason behind everything that happens. You don't do things randomly. If you feel you act random and things always happen in unpredictable way, it is only that you do not spend enough time in your conscious self. You do not probe for the reason behind every action. You do not spend time in knowing yourself. And hence, attribute the unknowing self as 'random'.

Knowing one's self is the first step in starting to love one's self. Realising every action that you do is the starting point in loving every moment. You wake up every morning, freshen up, pull yourself in car and drive to school/office. Your mind doesn't wake up from sleep just randomly. Your self has woken up, because, the love within drives your self to wake up and go to certain place for doing certain thing. There is love within the self that drives every act of ours. We just need to realise that love, realise what we are doing.

Did you just complain about the rain? Well, there was someone who was praying for rains very badly. Did you just complain about the potholes while driving? There were people who fell into some of them and lost their lives. Did you just complain of the heat and turned on AC? There are people who work directly under sun for hours together. Did you complain that you are not being understood by your family members? There are few who do not have a family.

Always remember to remind yourself that wherever you are, whatever you are doing, it is definitely a better position as long as you love the moment. When there is love, you always look at the positive side of any situation, positivity comes back to you and you love your self and your life even more.

For once, stop complaining and start living.