Miraculous Magnets

This activity was a totally unexpected one!!

I had bought some magnets for my craft work and didn't get a chance to work on them yet. It suddenly struck me to observe my toddler's reaction to magnets and it was super awesome.

The excitement and thrill that she carries all through the activity is simply adorable.

I placed all magnets on the floor and asked her to keep picking up one by one. The moment she was trying to pick the second one up, holding the first in hand already, the second one started moving away from her due to the cumulative magnetic field created by all other magnets (there were 10 magnets in total). And, this, surprised her. She giggled at how it moved and continued to catch hold of the magnets one by one.

As I was explaining that magnets were something that stick together and asked her to observe, she was purely amazed and continued playing with magnets for a real long time.

I also asked her to put them on the fridge along with giving her few currency coins that are also attracted by magnets.

She arranges the magnets in circular shape with one at the centre and says that's a flower!!

Even today, she loves playing with magnets and asks for them whenever it gets in her mind.

Look at how keen she looks when detaching the magnets. The interest that children have to learn something new should never be ignored. Make it a point to organise creative plays with them every now and then.

Hope you enjoyed reading this!