Living Lovingly

Love your life while living it. Do all what you want. Live every moment like it is the last one. Love what you do. Love everyone around you. Love everything around you. Never feel sad for anything because 'feeling sad' is putting 'negative stuff' in your mind.

Remember, any aspect in your life can be classified as either positive or negative. Do not take the negative side. Negative side is for the losers to follow. You are not a loser. You always take the positive side of every situation. You enter as many fields as possible in this life. You make a mark in every field. You reach the ultimate power. You merge with the power. All this can be possible only because there are positive vibrations in your mind, body and soul.

When asked 'Do you believe in God?, answer 'I believe in myself, I believe that the power which people call God is in me'.

Life is not boring. Every day is not routine. Learn something new every day. Discover a bit more of yourself every day. Keep evolving as a developed person day by day. Don’t just stay stagnant. Do something better, learn something new each day. Life cannot be limited to a routine which the physical body carries out.

Develop self-revelation - revealing your best self to your current self and seeing the world through a new set of eyes in the process. Every being is as unique as you think you are. Every being is love itself. Every being is made of love and you need to reflect love in order to sync with the true world.

Live so wisely that you will die happily.

Start loving every single act you do daily.

Open / close eye lids. Waking from sleep. Helping at home. Cleaning your room. Your work at office. Your travel in bus. Your search for new job. Your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner. Your state of mind at every moment of the day. Your sleep. Your interaction with all those around you.

A person who's nothing but love incarnate can only see pure love when they look at another person.

That is the personality which you have to aim for. Transform yourself. Look beyond your noticeable personality. Understand that it is not the 'real you'. You are the universal power. You, ultimately, have to merge within pure love. How can you catch the frequency of love when you remain the same bodily self. Your soul is not the body. It is the ultimate form of love. Look at every event in your life with the frequency of universal love. Only then can you attract the universal power and ultimately merge with it.

In life, ultimately, we don't get what we want, we get what we are.