Stacking Cups

This can be played by simple cups/bowls available at home.

You can keep calling out the number as the child picks up the cup and puts one over the other. The child is sure to learn counting, having good grip of holding objects.

If you look at the minutest detail, observe how child holds things. For example, when she is stacking the cups, one hand surrounds the cup with thumb on one side and four fingers on the other with the palm stretch across a bit. Another hand grips on the brim of cup with thumb on one side of the brim and other four fingers on the other side. All this is like dummy for us, like when we are working we don't even care to notice how we are holding things.

But, for a child, it is an art, an art by itself and the child really feels happy when she realises that she can actually grip on to a cup and put it into another so perfectly. It is an achievement for them that calls for our appreciation. Remember to keep cheering the little player by sharing her excitement and giving her a 'yay! feel' when she's done.