Kids & Their Power of Learning

Every child is very sharp and grasping in their crucial 0-5 years of age. It is the duty of parent to guide the child in a positive and growing direction.

In this age, all what the parents do is important, like, how the parent interacts with child, plays with the child, feeds the child, consoles the child, shares emotions with child - everything.

Actions give immense power to the words spoken.Talk about simple things around, the fan, washing machine, light, AC, sky, grass etc. Show the kid how the fan moves, what colour the grass is in, what colour the sky is in, show her the water hose in the garden and tell her what it is used for.

More than just blabbering and repeating rhymes, songs, ABCs, focus on conceptual learning. Associate a rhyme with a story, make a story for every rhyme, enact what's going on in that story. Make sure every single line is broken into small and simple words that the child can understand. Think from your child’s perspective.

There is no more a quantitative (batti-ratti) kind of learning in competitive world. Everything is conceptual. Everything that happens around needs to be probed and understood. Teach the kid not just A for apple B for ball, but, the power of questioning.Tell the child to ask you about anything around you and you will be surprised that she makes it a habit of enquiring about every single thing that improves her thinking ability.

You no more have to keep showing objects to the kid and repeat its name. The kid herself will keep asking you what this is, what that is and also show you how it is moving even without asking.