Activities for Toddler

Kids love to be busy. They always want activities in hand. Once they see us idle and not engaging them, they walk away to engage themselves with some toy, random things at home or TV(worst part).

When dealing with toddlers, one always needs to be on toes and introduce innovative plays that do not bore the little learner.

Read through to find some ways to engage your child:

1. Paint brush

Kids love messy things. They just want to dip their hands in paint and smear all over. Well, this one was not the worst, but, pretty sure my toddler had her amount of fun.

2. Tracing

My child loves me drawing various figures for her as she keeps asking for more. The best part is tracing. She places her palm on paper and I trace it with a pen. She, then, removes her hand and says an 'ah!' seeing the picture of her palm on the paper. And then, I name each of the fingers and count.

3. Revisiting old albums with your child

This one gets your child excited when she starts recognising faces in the album. Show her pictures of familiar people in your circle and just observe her. Observing my child gleaming with excitement is the most thrilling moment during my play with her.

4. Walk over a line

I draw a straight line on the floor and ask my child to walk over it without moving to the right or left. She just runs over it laughing at me :)