A Child's Miracle

Kids are the best part of one’s life - I have heard this line many times, never gave it a serious thought until A had decided to come into my life. That statement, or in fact, any statement intending to describe one’s feeling in the company of kids cannot actually express the amount of happiness I experience when playing with A. Enacting certain thing repeatedly, making a funny sound again and again just to see her laugh is some kind of pleasure that is only to be felt and cannot be expressed in words. Talking to her just to listen to her ooo’s and aa’s, singing to her, telling her stories, placing her on the merry-go-round and running around along with it, while singing the song ‘wheels of the bus go round and round’ and her soft smile turning into an excited laughter, moving her along the slide while making the sound ‘zzuuy’, waiting for her to look at me and smile are just a fraction of sweet nothings of life. The awestruck expression when merely looking at everyday things around her like a water bottle, clock, bike, fan, sound of flowing water and the way she responds to these with her wonderful smile and an excited ‘aaa’ are simply amazing.

Kids don’t allow you to grow old. A, only, makes me feel younger and younger. Just waiting for the days to come when I will be running behind her in the park, become a kid, be her best friend, cycle with her, skate with her, play basketball with her!

And for all those who dread having children thinking they would be a burden in their life or their enjoyment phase would soon be over etc. - were you a burden in your parents' life? We or our thinking is a burden in our soul until kids teach us the way to enjoy life. There may be times when the kid goes out of control, throw tantrums, get you restless and whatever that you've been imagining - all that is just a phase and will pass by. Kids keep growing to eventually become mom's best friend and dad's best buddy.

Rich, poor, politician, actor, businessman, or any common man who is striving to make money and build his amount stack for personal enjoyment - be it anyone, true happiness can be experienced only when you have kid(s).

A keeps me young. She keeps me fit. She keeps me sound. She takes away all the stress out of my mind. It is pure pleasure playing with her.

P.S. If possible, have kids when young :P They turn you younger and you get to spend a longer time with them in your life, also, having kids when young in your energetic years of life energises you even more. Your trips can wait only to have even more enjoyable vacations with your loved ones and to have many such in your lifetime. However, that's just my view, not to be taken seriously, no arguments.Remember, Each one is as unique as you are.

P.P.S. I'm having goosebumps while typing all this, just thinking about the time I spend with her. Such is little A's miracle.