Significance of Festivals

Ah!! There is a festival tomorrow. An opportunity to munch on all the special dishes, buy new dresses, get ready prettily, meet relatives, friends, ending the day with a blast. How many of us think this way? Do you relate yourself to it?

Think beyond what you see.

A festival is not merely meant for shopping, dressing, eating, roaming. There is much more.

First, know the story behind a festival, its reason of existence and probe into how you can relate your life to it. In a wider aspect, any festival means 'the win of good over evil' and hence celebration follows. In this age where people concentrate only on celebration and take it's literal meaning should also try to know more about what the good was, what the evil was, and how evil could be conquered by the good.

All of us, for sure, in spite of being godly by true nature, depict evil qualities for momentary happiness in life without realizing where that would lead us to.

I.e., we in human form have good as well as evil qualities within us. Having said this, we should immediately realize that the evil has to be conquered by good and that is our sole endeavour in this life-to destroy all evil qualities and return to the universal power.

Hence, if not the entire year, at least on the occasion of festival one needs to understand it's importance.

Try eliminating just one negative quality in one's self for each festival and know what real celebration is. Thus, try giving up all negative qualities one by one and realize how powerful the 'real you' are. Know for yourself how good life is when you realize and depict god in every action of yours.

Hoping each of you would have the experience of true celebration in life.