Role of Brain

The brain is just a piece and we develop an illusion that it is the major source of our wisdom. The brain is just a piece which is given as one of the organs to assist the physical case in its functioning. It is just another organ of our body which helps in guiding organs by receiving and transmitting nerve signals. It also helps one reach the ultimate soul by tuning as needed. The brain should stay controlled by the soul.

Then, what is mind? Brain is the physical organ and the thoughts which are transmitted by brain are said to be carried by mind.

The main *thing* that carries all the memories is the soul. Not exactly memories, but, the brain is nothing when the body is dead. It cannot retain any of our memories, those that happened a while ago to those that happened a ten years ago in our life to those that happened in our previous lives are all known to the soul. It is the soul that remains alive even after death and it is the soul which knows what it has to do, where, when and how it has to take it’s next birth.

Hence, the brain is just a physical box to assist this physical case over the soul of ours.

It is the soul which knows completely everything. And, soul is the universal power. We are the power.