The Momentary & The Permanent

What is happiness? How can it be attained? Is that self satisfaction? What then is satisfaction? Is it getting what you desire? Why then should you desire? Why don't you attain what you desire for? How do you attain what you desire for?

Happiness - there's lot in this word. Happiness is to 'feel what’? Which part of your body is exactly *feeling* happy? Why is there sadness, in the first place? What is it that makes us *feel* sad?

What is all our being made of?

There is body - the physical form, mind - the entity which enables us to reason, soul - that which gives us life for our survival, spirit - more or less, the soul itself, blood, bones, brain - how is this different from mind? Brain is just that organ which is present. Mind is that which enables us to think/reason things, flesh, nerves, heart, lungs, liver, intestine, kidneys, nails, hands, legs, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and it goes on.

Summing up everything, the whole being simply reduces to a machine, which you need to look after regularly, failing which it malfunctions.

So, what is it that is *feeling happy*? Which organ in our body feels happy?

The soul is always in bliss. You do not need to impress anyone for providing it happiness. You only have to realize your soul and its blissful state and awaken yourself.

The reason you feel happy for something is you feel you have achieved something, you feel satisfied, the brain transmits happy hormones in your body and you feel elevated for that moment. Notice this – it is only for that moment.

Next moment, you are upset with something happening around you. It is because your blood has pumped more blood that required and your brain transmits anxiety hormones due to the blood pressure and you feel sad for that moment. Again, it is for that moment.

So in our entire life, what is permanent? The soul is permanent and its blissful nature is permanent.

What is the machine for? What is the body for? Body is just a case which carries the most integral part of the machine, the soul. Also, realize that it is the soul which gives the body the ability to keep it within itself. Body is the means by which we carry out our daily activities. Soul is the ultimate reason for which we are here. Until we place the soul, present in this temporary case back in its celestial abode, we keep changing our case.

How long do you want to keep changing the case?