Children Already Know

Each one of us has taken this birth with a certain purpose in life. Do we know that? Do we realise that? Do we work towards our life purpose? Do we spend time in knowing, unlearning and relearning about our own life? All this depends on how close you are to your intuition. Because it is the intuition which is shouting from deep within one's self in order to lead him to his own life purpose.

Yet, hardly any actually take the time out, the thoughts out, the emotions out to connect with one's own intuition.

What's worse? Not realising this and bringing up the next generation of individuals in the same manner that leads them to blind themselves from their intuition!!

For any child who has realised this has done it very late and spends a lot of time(maybe years), mental energy, spiritual life to just reclaim his life - to undo all that he has gone through and claim back his life and work towards the purpose of life.

There are many spiritual texts that actually say, an infant even during his time of birth and after his birth remembers the reason for his birth and the things he has set his mind upon to accomplish in the present lifetime. This is slowly forgotten as a child moves away from his/her intuition while getting busy in obeying what the adults ask him/her to do.

My recent book has again reaffirmed this fact. Even the simple(in parents' view) commands like:

Don't touch that,

Stay away from there,

Keep your hands off that,

Eat everything on your plate whether you like it or not,

You don't really feel that way,

You don't really want that,

You should be ashamed of yourself,

Stop crying have the deepest impact on our subconscious.

Our subconscious only hears the no or the inability to think and act according to one's will upon hearing such commands.

Let us all become more aware of our living, ponder into our life, raise ourselves and inturn lend a helping hand in raising our children.

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