Respect the Child

Respect the child.

No matter how cranky she gets, respect the child.

If she had only 5 spoons of rice for dinner, still, respect the child. She could have chosen not to have even 5 spoons and become more cranky and in turn disturb the mother. Always remember to respect the child.

When one is aware that the child is a physical form of divine soul that has taken life with some goals in mind, one is bound to respect the child.

When there is respect, you are inclined towards hearing your child. Every child wants to be heard. Just because child cannot communicate in the same way adults do, do not underestimate her ability to perceive things, do not yell at the child. Every thing you do to her, every single aspect of your behaviour is well registered in your child's brain and will some time be shown in her personality development.

First, assure her that you are always there to hear her needs. Next, get down to her level of seeing things, her level of talking and her level of understanding. Change the tone of your voice accordingly. Talk slowly, repeat telling the same in various voice modulations until your intent is conveyed to the child. She is sure to understand what you wanted to convey.

Here in this post I list further posts on parenting based on my experience. I inculcate the no-yelling no-spanking blissful and respectful parenting and encourage others to try experimenting in their journey of parenthood. It is sure to bear fruitful results in shaping of your child's personality.