Energy Healing

Energy – The very source that drives every single entity right from the tiny cells in a creature to the gigantic universe around us. Energy is all we need to do anything, from just opening our eyes to travel to work to think and plan for our future and everything that we do.

So, when we have so much of energy within us and around us, why is someone talking about healing? Here is the point, like many things in the universe, this one too has two sides to it- the positive energy and negative energy, rather I would say energy and something that is void of energy. This void or this absence of energy is the root cause of all the mental problems which again is the cause of the physical and emotional problems that people face in everyday life.

There is a thought behind every word and action. That thought is what is important and it simply is manifestation of the energy within us. Hence, it is this energy that drives every thought, word and action.

When we say that the absence of energy is the main cause of our problems, there definitely has to be a way to fill in this absence with just what is required and this is energy healing.

To start with simple concept, in space, there is always a transfer of energy between any two bodies. Like, you feel hot when you go out in the sun. It is because the heat energy has been transferred to your body and you feel it. In a generic view, energy transfer happens between every two bodies of mass in space.

Now, when something is not going right in our life and we realize that our thought process needs to be changed, we channel the energy within us in that direction i.e., we focus upon the energy within us and use it for that purpose. There may be times when the problem seems more complex and the solution doesn't seem to be in our hands. This is when we reach out to people who can purposefully channel the universal energy towards our body and enable us think in the right direction. Physical problems take shape when the way we think is not right, we are losing out on the energy we possess within us and this takes form as some organ in the body not working as efficiently as it should. If there is a physical damage (something that is void of energy) in our body, the energy can be targeted towards the damage that helps heal the wound faster. Emotional problems arise when you don’t get what you expect in life – again, this has a thought behind it. The purposeful utilization of universal energy to tune our mind and the way we think can be achieved by Energy Healing. This, in turn, is the solution for our mental problems, physical problems and emotional problems.

There are various methods of energy healing: Reiki, Meditation, Distant Healing, Contact Healing, Qigong, Chakra Healing and many more, the underlying principle of all methods being the same.