Purpose of Life

Why is all the rush in every one's life? For what is the running? Get up, go work, come back, eat, sleep. Is this all what life is of? What is all the craving for? What is all this about? Why is all the competition? Is it only about survival of the fittest? What is all the worry about? Why do people always crave for something in life? Is this all to prove to the world who or what you are? Is it all only about recognition? Isn't there anything beyond the present world, the present life, beyond that which is visible to the eye?

What is it that is important? Spiritual success or material success? True success in spiritual world will anyways lead to success in material world. But not true the other way round.

Why is the mind always occupied? What are all the relationships for? What is social living? What is it to succeed? What is all the education without any human values? Pity those kids who are not exposed to any concepts other than the books, the bookish world. Do something BIG in life and then never return to the place you are in. there is lot more to explore beyond the visible world. That BIG differs from person to person.

Now, what is your BIG?

P.S.: Please do not post answers to the above questions in the comments section. Those questions are for asking your own self. I am well aware of the answers.