Children On Your Back?

Me hungry and having dinner.

On my side is DD1, asking for something that is not reachable at the moment.

DD2 passing by, stops there and asks yet another item that I don't even seem to understand (she speaks ,not very clearly, 22 months ).

In that mental state, I tend to get irritated , to quote there may be many reasons like hunger, I'm eating, ppl are disturbing, constantly asking for something....But all these don't give any solution.

I get back to my child...I point to various objects lying on the dining table asking her if it was that which she wanted, she says no to all. She keeps making the same sound in an act to name that object. I ask DD1 what she thinks it is. DD1 says, she is asking for phone (her pretend phone, a small non working remote). And when I look for it, I notice that it is in my blind spot. I could not spot it. Because it was under my plate, at the other end, towards the right side which DD2 could see but I could not.

This. This very tiny thing. This very minute response of ours determines how our day would be and how the child's day would be and how our temperament towards parenting is.

Reacting without realising the situation may even impact how we perceive the child and how the child perceives us.