What is Creativity

What is creativity?

By definition it is: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

Being Creative or Creativity does not confine to:



Using Colours



and the like

A person could be creative in any thing, or rather, in every thing. A person could be creative in every act of his, in the way he gets off the bed, the way he brushes, the way he cleans his room, the way the kitchen/dining/living room is kept, the way he makes conversations, the way dust is wiped off the car and many other acts.

If you could think of a hundred creative acts for an adult, I am sure, it would be more than a thousand creative acts that are possible for a child. Yes. A child could be creative in the way she uses her voice, the way she scribbles, the way she writes B in reverse order, the way she plays with her toys, the way she chooses her clothes. A child who builds sand castle is creating something with her own ideas. A child who wishes to go up the slide in contrast to coming down it, is creating a new way to play the routine game. A child who walks along the ledge is creating a way to balance himself as he walks.

There sure is a reason behind every act of child if looked at from the right perspective.

The child who walks on the ledge need not be seen as wasting one's time. The child who is going up the slide, need not be yelled at, to do it the right way(to only slide down and not go up).

Giving more and more instructions to a child on how she has to play, how she has to talk to people, how she has to think in a certain instance, how she has to act, how she has to draw, how she has to paint will only help develop a child who is always willing to follow all the given instructions to reach the end result, not a child who is capable of thinking on his own, a child who has freedom to think and act on his own.

A child should be given the freedom to act as per his/her choice. Make an effort to raise self-motivated individuals who are free thinkers and empowered individuals.