Give It A Thought

  1. You come empty handed to this world. Life takes you through attachment and detachment.

  2. When you realize that you are with god, for god, from god you will find god everywhere.

  3. Faith does not know the word ‘wavering’.

  4. Ego enters the scene only when you feel it is your achievement. Say to yourself, ‘all this is the almighty’s gift’, and the next moment you get rid of your ego.

  5. It might be true that our life is controlled by position of planets; the truth behind everything is that, what is even truer is that our thoughts control the movement of planets. Watch your thoughts.

  6. Get closer to thy self.

  7. Bliss is that which stays with us permanently, not grief. Stay permanent.

  8. Subtler than the subtlest. You can't even feel it, you, only have to realize it. – The Universal Power.

  9. Life is all about looking for goodness in disgusting things around you, Being Positive.

  10. It is all about the attitude, not attire.

  11. The world is here.

  12. What do you want? You will it and you will get it.

  13. This is what unconditional love is all about - Encouraging people's passions, loves, and dreams - even if you don't agree with them.

  14. If only we knew how powerful and magnificent we were, we really would worship ourselves constantly. We would love ourselves completely and would be the hero and idol of our lives. We wouldn't have the fears we have, and we wouldn't limit ourselves in the way we do. But sadly, we don't realize the power within us and get scared of petty things around us.

  15. "Thought is powerful". It cannot be pen down. Writing your thoughts out limits the power of thought to the language used. In reality, nothing can limit the power of thought.