Living or Dying - What is the END?

There may be many discussions and articles doing the rounds on how happy or contented one can lead his/her life. But, have we ever thought about how well or how perfectly one should be dying so that he/she does not fall back into the path of life?

Well, simply put, we live to die and die to live. The former is a play of nature and is inevitable whereas the latter could be altered based on one’s wisdom.

Every person takes birth with a specific purpose or goal in his life. What one accomplishes during his lifetime may be personal to him but spiritually speaking, the ultimate goal of all is to die wisely so as not to be born again. Sadly, man going behind the temporary pleasures since his birth becomes unaware of this most important purpose. He wins accolades for his work and feels that was the only purpose of his life. Then comes death, which is inevitable for any creature in the universe. After death is when he connects his soul to the source of universe from which any life takes birth. He realizes how his past life was, how well he could have lead, what he should be doing in the next life. He chooses his biological parents and time of birth, thus making his way in the journey of life.

So, what is it that actually happens after death? There is no being or body. There is only soul, also known as spirit in generic language, connected to the universal power governing the entire universe. There is neither he nor she. All that is there is the infinite and vast energy over looking all beings in the world. That is when the spirit realizes not only his relation to mankind, his peers, siblings, parents, the purpose of being related to them and also the power of universe. That is when the importance of life is understood and the yearning to be born and lead a good life begins.

Now, ask yourself the BIG question, are you willing to die wisely?

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