Give them Time

Give your child the much needed resource - time.

Whatever the child may be doing, give her time. However young/old the child is, give her time.

Give her enough time to eat. Do not hurry your child.

Give her ample time to fall asleep.

Give her time while trying to solve something.

Give her time while doing her home work.

Do not rush your child in getting her to finish something.

Couple of days back, I was faced with the situation where my new born was crying in my arms while the sleepy-but-not-willing-to-sleep toddler was moving about on my lap telling me about her day and all that she did in school. As a momentary requirement, I felt one of them should definitely fall asleep immediately for which my toddler had better probability. The next moment, it also struck to me that, in my rush to calm down things I could actually elevate the restless emotional frequency among all three of us. I could be losing out an opportunity to connect to my toddler while she was sharing her day with me.

At any instant of time, our thought pattern need not be same as our child's. They may be trying to express something very important or very close to their heart while we are trying to rush them through life.

It was not late when I realised what I could be harming in a moment of restlessness and very willingly, I heard out all that my toddler wanted to share, acknowledged her, replied with some kind words and soon, she fell asleep, happy and emotionally content.

All that is needed in life is not only good grades, good position, good money but heartfelt emotions, a kind person who can listen to you. Remember when you become one such person of whom you dream your child should be, you have already laid a positive path for your child to follow.

Similarly, do not rush the child during meal time, fresh time or play time. Consider every moment as an opportunity to learn about your child.