Drop It Down The Bin

I constantly look for interesting household items that can be used to create any activity for my 18 month old. And, here I found a stool that has an orifice on the top and is closed all around its sides.

This, immediately kept me calling for Ananya asking her to come to me for a new game. Ananya, very promptly runs towards me as soon as I say it's a game, more so, when I say it's a new game that she has never played earlier.

This promptness and her excitement inspires me to look out for more unique and creative activities for her.

I showed her the stool, the orifice and gave her few coins to drop through the orifice.

I then asked her where all the coins went. As she was looking furiously, I lifted the stool up and she was amazed seeing them there.

Needless to say, she could continue playing this for a while without me even guiding her.