The BIG Bank of Child's Brain

Young children from their birth to age of 5-6 years are very sharp. It is proved that 90% of brain development happens in these initial years of one's life. So, what exactly is development of brain?

Brain is said to be developing or increasing its power when there are more and more neurons being formed and even more and more neural connections taking place. And this happens very rapidly at the young age of 0-6 years.

In this period, child is always willing to learn something new. It is like they have very immense thirst for knowledge and it has to be quenched in a loving manner.

Children in this age group are beaming with energy, always want new toys or games to play with, want innovative or unique things to play with because they always want to learn something new. It is the upbringing of child that matters most in this phase. The more a child is taught, the more she learns and the more she questions and more is the desire to learn that is what is important. So, the thing that plays an important role is the method the caretaker implements to teach the child. It plays a major role in child's learning, her immediate behaviour and even her personality in the coming years of life.

Always be mindful of how you are talking and what you are saying to the child. Teach,but, in a lovable fashion. Associate play with learning. Or rather, associate every activity of child with learning. Enact, make expressions, jump, dance do whatever you feel like, become a child when you are with one.

Irrespective of how the parent engages a child, the child always finds ways to engage her/himself. The parent may not be willing with every activity that child does. But, do not yell. Do not say 'No'. It is important to observe the immense energy present in every child, their enthusiasm to analyse every single thing and direct that energy in a positive direction. Offer messy things in an organised play. Kids would love to do them.

Converting everything they do into an organised play is not only fun and learning but also helps tune the child's brain to look for an organised and interesting way of probing new things.