Human Values in Daily Life

Few words can make a world of difference to you and others. As a responsible person, always use positive words to inspire others.

Using specific soothing words at crucial instances of our life makes a great impact on our personal relations and how we lead our life.


The word ‘sorry’ is packed with tremendous energy to heal the hurt and undo the damage done by harsh words or unintentional actions. When you say sorry, you convey the message that you never meant to hurt them.

‘Thank you’

Saying ‘thank you’ for small help or favor by other instills an attitude of gratitude. These two power packed words recharge others and builds a trustworthy relationship.

‘I appreciate you’

Few words of appreciation have the power to turn zero into a hero. Try to tell your friend that you appreciate him/her to build a sense of mutual confidence in each one’s life and in the relationship.

‘You did a good job’

We are quite often quick to pick holes in job done by others. We must learn to compliment our friends for the good work done. Encouraging others with good words not only makes them feel good but also drives us to be more perfect in the relationship.

‘You are a great asset in our friendship’

In every human being there is both garbage and gold. It is up to us to choose what we pay attention to. Recognizing and acknowledging positive words about worth of a person can make a world of difference in their relation with us.

Listen to what others say

Talking to friends doesn’t just mean you talking to them but also you listening and understanding what the other person is trying to say. Only when you have your ear open to listen to people can you avoid misinterpretation and its consequences.

Finally, we should always watch our words, action, thoughts, character and feelings.

(This article has been written for a children's magazine, on order)