Living lovingly

Love is the energy behind every living and non living being in the universe. Love is present in each and every cell in the body. It is basically the love for living that makes the cell function as it is supposed to. It is the love for getting things done that makes each of us wake up in the morning and get on in our activities.

Though this inherent love is not realised by many, it is this love that makes things happen in the first place. It is the love for school that takes the child to school everyday and the love for work that takes people to work everyday. In fact, love is the energy behind every single task that is done by any. When the inherent love is realised, you transform that love to kind words while talking, right action while doing and discriminate between truth and false in everyday living.

We only have to realise this fact and share the love because love grows when shared and the world is sure to become a better place if it is filled with love.

So, make yours a wonderful life by realising the love, implementing the love and sharing the love all around. You are sure to be happy.

Here in this space of the web, I share my love towards writing. I write mainly on

  • Practical spirituality, the study of spirituality that can be applied in everyday living
  • Child development while sharing the love for parenting
  • Things that may matter to a few in the society
  • Other things I put my hands on

I am hopeful, this sharing of my activities and knowledge would be beneficial to at least a handful of people out there. 

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