January 02, 2020

Unschooling and Projects

We spend money on buying that perfect costume for fancy dress competition.
We spend money on buying glittery stuff to make our child's project attractive.
We spend money on outsourcing our project work to someone who does it better.


Because the system gives more marks for neatness.
Because the system gives more marks for an attractive piece.
Because the system gives more marks to the perfect-looking one.

A child who is not aware of this system, who is not aware of him being ranked, who is not aware of him being judged puts in 100% of his creativity rather than glittery stuff. S/He doesn't mind using recyclable stuff, cardboards, using no glitter in his/her project work because he is more focused on conveying his idea rather than decorating for marks.

And people still worry, but won't the child miss all the competitive spirit if not in the system???

How will the child feel motivated to do without this competition?

And, I wonder:
How good is this competition that makes the little one compete for showing off or getting more points? Isn't the word competition misconstrued?

Doesn't the child miss out the learning in the making when the project is made by another adult and not even allowed to be touched by him?

Doesn't the child miss out on the joy of learning?

Doesn't the child miss out on the joy of creating things?

What is the system trying to convey to the child?

Oh my!!!

The child might create shabby looking stuff, might fail at the first attempt of punching his fist into the material with which he is making something, the child might not take adult's help in decorating his project.

Yet, the child was motivated from within to take up a project and finish it.

The child has learnt to fail, retry, fail and retry until he succeeds. There is no fear of marks or judgement here.

All the self-confidence and self-esteem that the personality development workshops promise you to provide to your children are indeed already present in your child and further nurtured when s/he is involved in such project created as a form of free play.

It is play that leads to learning.

“Play is the highest form of research.” — Albert Einstein

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