January 26, 2020

How do you do EVS

How do you do subjects when children dont go to school?? Was a recent question.

We dont do subjects yet.
We just read, write, play, live.

What about EVS?

Reading about environment, reciting answers about environment, scoring 25/25 on environment,  scoring A+ in EVS, yet, not practicing what was learnt does no good. The huge decoration that we do for kid's yearly birthdays, the props we buy, the trash we throw what are we practicing and what is the child learning from us? And this balloon decor or bday celebs is just a tiny drop of the huge ocean of disposables that we are sending out to landfills. I do not want to get into what brings joy or does not bring joy to our child. I guess, all of us know we are living in a world of excess. 

I am not yet a 100% zero waster. I'm just in the beginning I can say. The only 3 strings of deco that i put up for dd bday in jan has been used over and over since her 1st bday. Yes, i bought them then, later realised the implications. Last two years, 4 birthday celebs, have not used disposables either for cutlery or the outside food, cake box being an exception. Yeah, we served all homemade fresh snacks with light dinner. 

Yes, my kids do ask for plastic toys or balloons when we go to the vegetable market, we sometimes buy, we sometimes dont, with their willingness. Whatever it is we talk about the balloon waste that is going to oceans because of our balloon. DD1 says, she would keep reusing the balloon, deflated balloon in some projects, will never throw it away even after 20 or 30 years. Not that, all this will happen or will not happen, but, yes, this conversation gets us thinking. And, that is what is needed and it brings in small changes in our lifestyle.

We have segregated wet waste in an attempt to make compost, still awaiting result. Tried hand on making bio enzyme with citrus peels and it came out well. Still in the process of bringing some more changes in the way we live. Lot to learn and long way to go.

The motive of this post is just to convey the point that practicing what is learnt in school or practicing what is learnt from environment around,  in case of unschoolers, is moving one step ahead towards the betterment of individual and world. 

Are we only focussed on marks qnd grades or are we investing time and effort to create an impact??

And the internet meaning of EVS goes much beyond just the environmental impact we create. It mentions  natural, human, social, cultural in the meaning. This requires deep understanding of various happenings around the world, much beyond scoring an A+.

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