January 02, 2020

Creating ideas

My children have enjoyed reading various books. Have even enjoyed watching the movies based on the books that have been read.
There was much analyzing and questions asked around how the book version is different from the movie version, what could be the reason, how is the character created at all, how is a movie made. Wondered why some of her favourite books have not been made to a movie, searched for them on the internet, asked if we could create such characters or at least make a video while she is reading out the book.
Oh! How much freedom to learn this life gives them.
Some books/movies that I can recall right now are:
The Lion King, Mahabharatha, Little Ganesha, Bala Ramayanam, 101 Dalmatians, Noddy's Stories, The Gruffalo and some more. Some short stories like lion and mouse, crocodile and monkey, rabbit and tortoise, Peppa pig, ben and holly.
They enjoy stories that they get involved in those characters. Even when the younger sister was barely 1.5 yr old, I remember DD1 asking her if she liked to enact, giving her the dialogues, creating a skit, then both of then exchange their characters and enact the story all over again.
Some instances, DD1 and her friends enact a story saying they are doing a movie for the little ones(DD2 and her friend).
Latest one was enacting the story 'the gruffalo'. My kids absolutely love reading the book over and over and then enacting.



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