December 27, 2019

Are we responsible to our conscience?

With the huge amount of information that is easily available these days on all kinds of media, it requires each one to be even more aware of himself, take the self-responsibility of probing into the information, discerning if it falls into one's own philosophy, decide if it is of positive impact to him and his immediate family members and only then take it or ignore it or learn from it as appropriate as possible. 

That's a good opportunity for this generation of mankind because it actually forms the base to know more about one's own thoughts, become aware of one's own mind, body and soul.

You google around for information and reasons/background behind the information, there's loads of it. But, it will be of use to only the one who takes the effort of knowing and understanding about it and not to the one who blindly follows it.

One could google for information, you get it. One could google for the scientific reasons behind it, you get it. One could google for the spiritual reasons behind it, you get it. One could google for the age-old reasons behind it, you get it. One could google for "why-not" of that information, you get it. One could google about the region-based beliefs behind it, you get it. 

One ought to look within if what one has read/heard resonates with his thoughts/philosophy amd either follow it or learn something from it while even ignoring it.

But are we doing it? Each one of us can think of what we do as an individual and see how well we could discern/ignore/practice what we are reading and learning everyday.

One celebrity says 'you have to force wake your infant because infants can't differentiate day and night times' and there are hundreds of comments asking for the tips to force wake their infant. 

Another personality says 'you need to force feed your child' and there are hundreds of comments asking for tips to do it.

One person says 'hey, idiot'. There are hundreds who shout 'yes, idiot'.

Another personality says 'this is life' and thousands of people follow it.

What has happened to the intuition of the individual? Could one listen to his own conscience? Does one even become aware of the presence of his conscience? 

Hundreds of years back, information just passed down from the ancestral clan. Not many questions were encouraged for various reasons. The one who followed all that the ancestors have laid down is praised to be 'budhhimaan/budhhimanthudu/obedient' and those who questioned(where even the awareness to question has started maybe just less than 80 years back) is demeaned to be 'talking back' to elders.

Whether you were allowed to question or forced to follow rules in your childhood doesn't matter anymore for you to not question your thoughts and actions now at this moment.

Any moment can be a moment of change, of evolution, of seeking the truth and realizing the intuition. Are we taking atleast a step towards that direction? It's time to look within!!

- Sujaya 



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