October 23, 2019

Finding Peace

I happened to watch this video where Pallavi Mahajan narrates how a man is always chasing happiness instead of looking within his own self.

I connect myself to the meaning because maybe, I have had my own thoughts on this topic.
Not just happiness, but, for any conflict that man faces in his daily life, one usually tends to look outside for the solution. Once we probe within, we not only get a solution for that problem but can even reason out the problem. Isn't that wonderful?

Moreover, when two individuals are involved in a conflict of thoughts/actions, the one with an authoritative stance usually gets away with blaming or labelling. This proves no good for neither for any of the individuals involved nor their relationship.

Here, I try to write down the recital in hindi followed by the English meaning of the recital. Hope I do justice to the flow and intention that Pallavi Mahajan has carried along.

The recital written down in Hindi words(English)

sukoon ki talaash mein
tu phira idhar udhar

tha magar jahan chipa gayi nahin vahan nazar

thu soch tha raha yahi
ki ek din milega wo
jab milega sab tujhe
haan tabhidikhega wo

tho chod aaya ek shahar
tu chod aaya ek gali
zindagi ke sang chala wo jidhar jidhar chali
ye nayi si thi jagah
aasma bhi tha naya
tu udha bahuth magar phir zara sa thag gaya
is udaan ne tujhe thaa yahan bahuth diya
chahthon ko par teri naya makaam dikh gaya
tu phir uda yeh soch kar
ki jo talab thi ab talak khathm hogi ye waha jaha dikhi hain ek jhalak
lamba yeh safar raha
hosla magar rahaa
aagaya nazar mein vo jo door hi si tha dhikha
ek shaks tha waha
phere apna mooh khada
uske paas wo sukoon tujhe kabhi na jo mila
tune usse yeh kaha
ki raastha katin raha
khush magar mein hun mujhe sukoon hain mil gaya
kyun andhera hain yahan
phere mun tu kyun khada
chal sukoon ko bantle mein aadmi nahin bura

phir huyi thi roshni
wahan nahin tha koyi bhi

haan magar tha ayina
tha ayine me aks bhi
vo aks tha tera wahan jo tha sukoon ye khada has ke kehne yeh laga
mein tujhme hi sada raha

kyan wo mehes junoon tha
kya paas mein sukoon tha
kyun mujhe khabhar na thikya mujhme hi thaye kahi

kyun khudse itna lad raha
jo chahtho ne paa liya
ab samajh ye baat thu
jo tujhse mein hun khehraha

dod me yaha sabhi mujhe nahin talash the
naam dete hain kahi khaak par hain jhaan the
mein dod mein aaram hun
mein khaas na hun aam hun
har kisi mein hun basa
phir bhi sab ka khwaab hun

aankh boond tu abhi
abhi khada hain tu jahan muskurake dhoondh na me tujhme bhi chipa hua
zindagi jo thi teri chahatho mein thi giri
theerigi mein tu raha tho mein tujhe dikha nahin
to theerigi ko kaant de tu roshni ko saath le
ab sukoon ko khoj mat
hain kya sukoon ye jaan le

Meaning of the recital:

You have been roaming here and there in search of Peace
Yet, you could not put your sight on where Peace has been hiding.
You have been thinking that you would find Peace once you achieve all things

You travelled beyond a city
You travelled beyond an area
You travelled along with your life wherever it travelled

This place is new
Even the sky is new
Yet, you flew higher
And then, felt tired

This flight of yours has given you a lot
Your desires have given you a new position

You have again flown thinking that your search for Peace would be complete and then you see a flash

Long has been this journey
you have kept up your courage
You have reached the point where you could see something at a distance

There was an appearance
standing with a straight face
He had that Peace which you could never find so long
You told him
the journey has been tough
Yet, I am happy because I have found Peace

Why is it dark here?
Why do you stand with a straight face?
Come Peace, let's hug, I am not a bad man

Then, there was lighting
There was no one standing there
Yes, there was a mirror there
And, an appearance in the mirror

The appearance was yours
It was Peace
It laughed and said - I have always been within you!

The man asked - Is this real? Was Peace so close? Why didn't I know that Peace was somewhere within myself?

The appearance said - Why do you fight so much with yourself that has been ruled by desires? Understand now what I say to you
Everyone is in a race never able to find me
They give me many names
I am the rest in your Race
I am not special, I am normal in you
I am within everyone
Yet, I am everyone's dream

Open your eyes, now
Look for me wherever you stand now and see that I am within you.
your life has been ruled by desires
You have been in so much darkness that I was not visible to you

Then, Cut out the darkness and take along light!
Now, do not look out for Peace
Understand what Peace is!!

Thanks to Pallavi Mahajan for this wonderful composition.

P.S. Apologies for any mistakes in the process of writing down the meaning in English of the Original composition




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