September 24, 2019

The desire to write

5yo has been doing a lot of writing for days.
She copywrites stories. She writes some lines in a greeting card. "If you have wings, you can fly".
She asks me to write down some stories that she recites. Some stories are woven on her own while some are comprehended from the videos that she watches.
One instance, she started to recite just before our usual bedtime and it was going on and on and on. She had already warned me that it was a very long story and I shouldn't stop her! While I kept writing almost 7 pages of her story, the 2yo kept counting the number of yawns she had. She showed her palm with 5 fingers wide apart saying, I already got this many yawns, how long amma?? And she counted up to 7 yawns then.
And, so many questions while writing- why you out comma here, why exclamation, why questions mark? Is this the next sentence?
This is how learning without school looks like. Learning by exploring, probing and questioning!
Recently, she loved reading this book "The Troll" so much that kept reading/asking me to read repeatedly and she didn't like the fact that the story had ended when it actually ended. Hence, she continued another part by reciting and I write it down.



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