September 11, 2019

Love, Joy and Selfishness

This word love is a very tricky thing. We love to do something because we feel good when we do it. We love someone because we feel comforted in their presence. We love to watch/hear/do/paint/read/write something because that act brings joy and we are longing for this joy all the time.

Then, if love is all about making ourselves feel good, does it mean that love is selfish?
Can you love someone even if their presence brings a worry to you?
Are you brave to love a situation even though it has brought frustration to you?
Can you love an act even if you feel grief during that act?

Let's go more deep.

What is the act?

Whose is the act?

Whose is the feeling?

What is bringing the feeling?

What is causing the feeling to reach the person who feels?

Is it the environment that brings joy or one's temperament that allows joy to be felt within?

Is joy coming from somewhere outside or is it that the act according to one's temperament is opening up the window that in turn allows the joy within to be felt by the person who is feeling?

Aren't we all filled with joy inside of us?

What is stopping us to feel that joy?

Our temperament? Our thoughts? Our mind? Our judgments? Our habits of mind?

A spiritual atmosphere like say, bhajan, puja or temple might sound uplifting to one. One may seek more of that company to keep oneself uplifted more often.

So when devotion towards a particular deity/spiritual figure/act/person seems to bring joy to one and he continues to do it to receive more of that joy, is one being selfish?

Is one being selfish when he is running behind love?

Is one being selfish when he is running behind god?

Is one being selfish when he is running behind acts/people that bring him joy?

When the joy one is seeking for, the god one is looking for are all within oneself, when the subconscious is pulling you towards itself, when your soul wants to make you realise that you are the joy you are seeking and you are the god whom you are praising - when this is realised, then they're no longer exists separation among the words you, other people, god, joy, devotion and love. All feels the same. Everything is realised to be ONE.

And, there no longer exists selfishness, bad causing situations, worry causing individuals because even in such scenarios if one probe within one's self, the subconscious is still wanting you to realise the presence of joy within, your soul is still wanting you to realise the god you are and your intuition, as always, is still wanting you to respond appropriately by listening to it.

There is only ONE. There is no other.

Tat Tvam Asi



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