September 24, 2019

Kitchen experiment

Yet another kitchen experiment. Free play with fruits, vegetables, picking from the fridge, deciding which goes together for juicing, blending, filtering and having the juice. Little sister loved the apple pomegranate milkshake.
Next, cutting through musk melon and both sisters eating from the cut piece. Figuring out which side/angle was soft to pierce through the knife. Finding out that muskmelon was not very hard for her to cut. 'It's little soft' she says.
If you thought your 4or 5 yo child wouldn't focus on the worksheets you want to make him/her solve, try just leaving them free and observe how tremendous their focus and observation is while they do what they choose to do.
Some people think when kids are at home it takes the parent to constantly engage them in some or the other activity. But, no.
It's not me who calls her to the kitchen but she who pulls me into the kitchen for the help she needs.
Just let them be.



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