September 24, 2019

Experimenting spellings

Seems like certain sounds of words becoming so intuitive that we do not realise the sound existed in that word.
5yo: oh, the ground has an rr sound and should have the letter r in it! Let me spell write ground without the r. G, o, u, n, d ..oh, it has become gound.
The letter g and r grrrr.
Self-education through play and exploration requires enormous amounts of unscheduled time—time to do whatever one wants to do, without pressure, judgment, or intrusion from authority figures. That time is needed to play with ideas and materials, experience and overcome boredom, learn from one’s own mistakes, and develop passions. Peter Gray, Freedom To Learn.
Teaching spellings, making them write out the words 10 times so they memorize the spellings and write the correct answers in tests to score a 10/10 simply takes away this freedom to think, kills the ability to self-analyse and come up with the spellings.

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