September 24, 2019

5yo Lesson Plan

This life where an individual decides her course of action, brings required materials to implement her action, asks an adult to write down some questions, writes down her own questions, verifies her answers on her own, confirms the correctness on her own, decorates with smileys on her own is in a way called as homeschooling/unschooling/open learning life. 😅😅😅
These terms do not justify our exact lifestyle. But, there's a whole change in the definition of learning wherein conventional methodology, the individual is considered as a subject who is made to read, write, learn considering the onus to be on an adult(parent/teacher), rewarding those who manage to finish the expected work in a stipulated time with sticky smileys, sticky stars, pushing the others to do the same next time so they could get those stars...and, there are stars for finishing a meal, too!!
When 5yo came to me shortly after she sat down for solving her questions, I asked her, Questions over? You didn't want to show me? She said, "I know all of them were correct, I even drew smileys." And showed me her copy.
In the journey of open learning, a child is treated as much as an adult where one learns solely based on the desire for learning and not for the sake of external authority or rewards.



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