August 16, 2019

Make your child do or let her be?

The girl who would never allow me to put on a hair clip/tie her hair with a band for almost 4 years is now repeatedly asking me to redo her hair by tying a pony neatly every time she feels movement in some of her hair strands. Now, she puts a hair clip, hair band, two rubber bands to tie a tight pony.
Those years when she let her hair loose, there were people who mocked at her, advised me how to get her to listen to me and many more.
I just let it be.
Never mock or underestimate any person. You never know what the person internally feels and how s/he would transform in a period of time. Love everyone as is, or just move away if you feel that love is not for you.
And, what about those who mocked? They simply find another aspect to mock at 😅
Stay true to your intuition and you know you're right.

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