July 27, 2019

Opinions, Views and Judgments

Being judgemental, Judging - I don't remember having to hear that I was judgemental ever but heard it from a respectable friend of mine recently.

It gave me a good chance to ponder over my thoughts, why I had shared my thought, what made me share my view and what made it being judgemental. I was happy I got an opportunity to understand thoughts, behaviour and most importantly myself more.

And I was becoming more aware, thinking about my thoughts, not for a moment or an hour, not for a day or two but got in a journey of its own.

Why does anyone share an opinion?
One case is when someone asks for feedback - that is when we consciously share our opinion about what was asked about.

Another case is when there is a discussion happening on a certain subject. I guess it depends on what is the subject that is brought up. Because, for certain subjects, of which I do not share any interest at all, I don't bother to even put my energy into talking about it. I am just there, hearing to what is being said, that's all.

For some subjects that interest me - Yes, I do ponder over what is shared, ponder over what I think about it, whether there is something I got to learn from what I heard or read, whether there is something that I could contribute for it.

As a clear example, since I am interested in subjects of children, parenting, education, life, being aware, I have this website of mine that I share a whole lot of my views. I write about mainstream parenting, mainstream education, living without realising the purpose and share my view on how we can get better at it. In this process, am I judging the fellow parents? Am I judging the mainstream schools? Google says the meaning of judgemental is "having or displaying an overly critical point of view".
To put it in other words, I am sharing my views over the topics that interest me and again sharing my views on how we can get better at those topics that interest me.
To listen or not is up to the discretion of the audience. To follow it or not is up to the discretion of the reader. To even read what I write or not is again at the discretion of the person who browsed upon my blog post! Moreover, each of us should be aware of what we are hearing, think if we value that new perspective and learn from it only when we wish to.

This post is not to hurt the sentiments of any person in any relationship. In fact, since I try to learn from most of my life experiences, this experience also has helped me learn better about myself.

I strongly believe the point that 'Universe always gives each of us the experiences that help us grow within'. Whether we take it that way or not is up to each of us



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