July 25, 2019

Homeschooling - Learning Plan?

More than 2.5 hours of discussion with lots of whys, whats, hows, whens that made her prepare this to-do list for tomorrow.

Many thoughts, many questions.
Why do North America and South America have a common name America in their names?
Why do Pandavas and Kauravas have the same grandfather? Some days back, we drew a family tree starting from DD's great grandfather. So, we thought we could make one family tree for the Pandava and Kauravas family.
why does one work? why do we need money to get something? why don't we get things just like that? when did money start? why is money that is printed in certain only is seen as money? the printing ink is wasted, instead, we can just take a plain paper and write down the number and hand over? Why is this system and when did this system start that we need money to buy something. This discussion leads to the barter system and we noted down to make an exercise on this.

Why do mosquitoes eat human blood as food? why only female mosquito? What does male mosquito have as food? Why do they need human blood?
Why do we throw plastic trash? so many water animals die because of that?
A child is curious by nature. Does her curiosity lead her to her own learning journey? Or is her curiosity silenced because it is time to catch the bus, time to eat, time to sleep, time to study, time to obey the adult?
The child starts to believe that her questions are indeed important if the adult has given time to the child's questions to deepen her learning.

On the contrary, the child begins to understand that her questions are not more important than doing what she was supposed to do as told by the adult at that moment if the conversation was silenced in order to rush through life.

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And, we took the time to get off the bed, turn back the light on, look for a pen & paper, write down and go back to bed.

Also, there are many parents who complain that their child does not have the focus or concentration while doing a task. Where the task might be writing sight words 10 times, writing number 10 times, solving worksheets and such stuff. It might be important to ponder about - What task? Whose task? Who initiated? Who leads? Who does? Who forces? Let us please rethink the entire situation and let the child lead her own learning! There is no doubt about a child's concentration levels when the task has been initiated by the child herself.



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