July 10, 2019

Do you want the child to stop crying?

3yo falls down, she has bewildered(in a sense, beautiful) expression on her face while she is trying to figure out what just happened and realising that she has slipped on the floor.

An adult rushes to her saying 'oh, that was a great Jump. That was not a fall, but, indeed a big jump. Wow'.

Did we camouflage the child's sense of wondering and her trial of figuring out things with our fear(maybe she will start crying?) And misled words(we think we are comforting, instead)

Did we disconnect the child from her inner feelings?

Can we just connect to what the child feels at the moment and figure out things along with her?

Can we stop diverting the child's attention in order that she does not cry??

All emotions are natural. All feelings are ok. Let's embrace what the child feels and just 'BE' with them instead of labelling their action and reacting out of fear.




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